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Who we are

Intentus is a specialist, audit only firm providing professional audit and assurance services.

We only provide audit services. Our independence and integrity cannot be compromised through the provision of other advisory services. A distinction that is important when reporting to regulatory bodies.

We are one of the most experienced firms in the industry. Though our name is new, we were part of the audit practice of the Morse Group, which has been delivering audit services to various industries, both metropolitan and regional, since 1934.

Building on from our practice’s long tradition we strive to deliver a more efficient, effective and proactive auditing service that is technologically adept, provides minimal disruption and focuses on improving your business outcomes and strengthening your financial position.

More than a mission statement

Perhaps unconventionally, we wanted our name to have meaning.

We chose the name following client feedback that we had been particularly thorough in our approach. So when searching within the confines of permissible names for a professional practice, one name stood out.

Intentus is a Latin adjective meaning: thorough, eager, intent, attentive and earnest.

We felt that adjective neatly summed up how we wanted to be for our clients and how they would describe us. As a result, we feel that our name really says it all and we don’t need a glib, generic mission statement that could be easily transplanted to or from any other business.

What we deliver

We know that our reputation in the industry is only as good as the word of mouth that our services generate.

Accordingly we provide direct, unambiguous advice and opinions. We focus on living up to our values, not just paying them lip service.

We invest significant time in building relationships and developing an understanding of each individual business and its place in the industry. Each engagement will be customised for your organisation and designed to deliver a client-focused and industry specific audit.

Our main industry focus is:

  • Local Government
  • Financial institutions
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Aged Care
  • Large proprietary companies
  • Education sector

We also have extensive experience in:

  • grant audits & acquitals
  • trust account audits
  • fraud investigations
  • special investigations
  • reviews
  • pre-audit preperation
  • financial reporting

Expert Services

We take staff development seriously in order to bring the most professional, creative and knowledgeable team to an audit.

We strive to expand the knowledge and skills of our staff thorough in-house training days, and regular attendance at professional development seminars. To stay abreast of current industry trends and emerging issues we attend industry conferences and have active membership in a variety of industry associations.