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Strong Tradition

Long tradition of local government audit services dates back to 1934.

Intentus Chartered Accountants (part of the former audit practice of Morse Group) has been delivering local government audit services since 1934. We are perhaps the most experienced firm in the industry. We continue to build on this tradition by deepening our ties with local government in NSW. Our directors experience includes:

  • President of the NSW Local Government Auditors Association;
  • Member of the DLG Accounting Advisory Group;
  • Member of the LGSA “Strengthening Local Government” Taskforce;
  • Judging panel member for Local Government Financial Statements awards; and
  • Presenting conference papers to the Local Government Finance Professionals, Local Government Auditors and LGSA conferences.

Through 80 years of working with local government, we have grown our business to where we are currently among the largest providers of external audit services to local government.

Expertise and experience

Exceptional technical skills and the accumulated knowledge and experience of over 80 years involvement in local government.

The expertise of our staff at Intentus is second to none. Through our membership of the NSW Local Government Auditors Association, involvement with the Finance Professionals Group of Local Government Managers of Australia and regular attendance at industry conferences, we ensure we are abreast of current industry trends and emerging issues.

In addition to regular attendance at professional development seminars, in-house training days are held each quarter, to update staff and review our audit approach.

You can be assured that our audits are conducted in accordance with the requirements of Auditing Standards and Auditing Guidance Statements issued by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. Wherever it is effective, we use various computer resources as aids to the audit process.

Improving the business of council

A successful audit can make a significant positive impact on the operation of your council.

It’s well known that good governance principles and indeed legislation dictate that an annual audit must be part of a council’s control environment. However, do you know what happens when an audit is tightly focussed and effectively executed?

Change happens. Controls and reporting improve.

Management confidence and willingness to delegate grows and in turn the council and community confidence in management grows.

We know this from our experience, we have seen it time and again from our clients.

We’ve often heard it said that an audit is “a necessary evil”.  That isn’t a view that we share and we are actively trying to change that perception. Every audit is an opportunity to improve your financial controls and build your capacity through efficient use of current resources.