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Not just about compliance

Gaining a detailed understanding of your organisation’s financial position enables you to make smart decisions for the future.

We view each audit engagement as an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of your organisation’s internal accounting controls. You will be assured of compliance to industry regulation and we can report to you on any improvement opportunities we’ve identified in your current processes.

Our audit procedures involve a strong understanding of your business, your industry and your current operating environment. All our audits are partner-led and planned to create minimal interference to the running of your business. We make sure they are completed effectively and efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Boost your potential for success

Our highly trained and experienced auditors will work to implement solutions that maximize your resources and enhance fiscal success.

We are known for being thorough, and will gain a full appreciation of the financial features and nature of your business. When we combine this understanding with our knowledge and expertise we can devise innovative solutions that enable you to capitalize on your assets and respond quickly to industry and economic needs.

We will help spot any ‘icebergs’ before they become a potential hazard. You could say our auditing services operate in a preventative role. We are not only concerned with what has gone before – our goal is to enhance your future productivity.

Technology focused

We are constantly looking for technological solutions to help make our auditing services more efficient and innovative to support the needs of your business.

We can offer you a secure cloud based document storage system to upload your latest financial data. This allows our team to access this information before a site visit, to get us up to speed before we even get to your door.

Your valuable time can be spent in beneficial discussion rather than data processing. Documents can be uploaded, retrieved, queried, updated and edited with ease, with no printers, postage or couriers involved.

We specialize in delivering local, in-depth, on-the-ground industry knowledge while utilising global, state of the art technology and regulatory compliance tools. This allows us to provide an agile audit service that enhances the efficiencies and timelines of the engagement process.

Auditing Procedure

We aim to present your financial position and operational results in an understandable and meaningful way.

The Intentus audit process goes beyond the minimum requirements of a statutory audit. All audits performed will advise on your current statutory compliance with industry regulation. It will also include discussions and written recommendations on how to improve your internal accounting controls and suggest strategies to overcome any material weaknesses identified.

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